Tuesday, August 13, 2013

UPSC releases sample paper on ‘Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude’

 The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) released a sample question paper for newly introduced ‘Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude’ paper, which is now part of Mains examinations of the Civils from this year onwards, here on August 13. 

The sample paper has now been put up on the UPSC website to give a fair idea to the candidates for the examination.

The paper includes questions such as— “what do you understand by ‘Ethical Human Conduct’?” and “What do you understand by intellectual integrity, empathy, perseverance, spirit of service and commitment?” 

Case studies will also be given in this paper to check the candidate’s problem-solving skills on situations involving instances of harassment, cheating and corruption at workplaces among others.

While making public the sample paper, the UPSC has told candidates that range and depth of questions that would be asked may differ.

In order to overhaul civil service examinations, a new pattern giving more emphasis on assessing general studies and aptitude skills of aspirants was notified in March 2013. 

To avail the sample paper, visit - www.upsc.gov.in/exams/misc/2013/samplepaper.pdf

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