Monday, December 19, 2011

Implementation of Green Field Projects

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Notification, 2006 provides that all developmental projects, listed in the Schedule-1 to the Notification require prior environmental clearance for establishment of new (Greenfield) projects or for expansion (Brownfield) of existing projects. For those projects involving forestland, prior approval for diversion of forestland is required; vide provisions of the Forest (Conservation) Act 1980.

A total of 3138 projects in the sectors of Thermal Power, Hydropower including Irrigation, Mining, Industry and Building & Construction has been granted environmental clearance during the past three years and the current year. This includes 141 projects of the above sectors from the State of Karnataka. A total of 2034 projects have been approved for diversion of forestland covering the sectors of Thermal and Hydropwer including Irrigation, Mining and Road infrastructure. This includes 22 cases form the State of Karnataka.

The steps taken by the Government for expedition of the process leading to grant of environmental and forestry clearance to Greenfield and Brownfield projects include the following:

i. Regular meetings of the Expert Appraisal Committee constituted for the appraisal of projects covering the various sectors for environmental clearance and of the Forest Advisory Committee for forestry clearance.

ii. Regular updation of status of projects for environmental clearance on the Ministry’s website for the benefit of all stakeholders.

iii. Sector specific Manuals have been prepared and uploaded on the Ministry website to facilitate better preparation of EIA-EMP Reports by the project proponents.

iv. A number of Circulars on the EIA Notification 2006 and the process for obtaining environmental clearance have also been uploaded on the MOEF website to facilitate the project proponents in preparation of EIA-EMP reports with all relevant information.

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