Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Regulatory Policies to for protecting the Environment

The Government has already adopted the National Environment Policy in 2006 which encompasses the strategies and actions for regulatory reforms to protect the environment. Besides, under the Environment Impact Assessment Notification, 2006, prior environmental clearance is mandatory for certain category of activities listed in its schedule. The Government has recently notified the CRZ Notification 2011, for sound Coastal Zone Management. These are steps towards protection & conservation of environment based upon a scientific approach.

Planning Commission has appointed an Expert Group to prepare a low carbon strategy for inclusive growth. The Twelfth Five Year Plan is expected to give special emphasis on the steps for addressing climate change as a part of five year plan strategy for the country during the Plan period.

National Action Plan on Climate Change includes National Mission for Solar Energy and Enhanced Energy Efficiency institutionalised through Bureau of Energy Efficiency. The Missions aim at creating appropriate policy and support regime to foster the energy efficiency market and generation of renewable energies through public private partnerships.

Further, Ministry of Environment and Forests also acts as the host country authority for approval of Clean Development Mechanism projects to facilitate investments in and promotion of renewable and clean technologies through participation in emission trading schemes in developed countries.

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