Sunday, November 20, 2011

FIRST INDIAN FOREST CONGRESS- Sustainable Solutions for Development and Environmental Challenges

The UN General Assembly has proclaimed the year 2011 as the International Year of Forests. Consequent to the UN General Assembly's adoption of the 'Millennium Development Goals', the global community has come together in a collective search for sustainable solutions to address the world's development challenges. The multiple roles of the forest sector present unique opportunities and challenges. The foresters, no longer confined within forests; they have to march out to meet the international commitments as well as to negotiate the democratic aspirations of all the stakeholders of forests. In order to have the synergetic effect of all the efforts presently undertaken by different stakeholders in our country, the Ministry of Environment and Forests is organizing the ‘First Indian Forest Congress, 2011’ from 22nd to 25th of this month here. The central theme of this 4-Day Congress is ‘Forests in a Changing World’.

This Congress will work for a collective search for sustainable solutions to address development and environmental challenges and discuss advances on various aspects related to forestry. For effective organization and conduction of discussion on each theme, Pre Congress workshop were held in the different institutes of the ICFRE for each theme with the aim to assemble the main contributors to present their papers for peer review. During the Congress, each theme will be introduced by two eminent speakers who will cover the National Perspective highlighting different aspects of the theme.

The main themes are Forests in Society, Forestry in an Expanding Economy, Expanding Frontiers of Forestry Sciences, Forest Biodiversity and Landscapes and Forests and Climate Change. Under these themes, papers will be presented, discussions will be held and poster presentations will be made.

Subjects like Forests and land use policy, Forests in urban landscape, Forest governance and institutional reforms, Forests and community: forging partnerships, Forests and traditional knowledge, Assessment Managing the forests: old and new paradigms B. Reconciling growth with conservation towards sustainable development, Forest certification: opportunities and challenges, Agro forestry: production, opportunities and institutional framework, Forest products: management for livelihood, Forest products in industry, Geometrics: applications and opportunities, Forest genetics and biotechnology, Forest survey and inventory, Information technology as a tool in forestry management, Forests ecosystem and biodiversity management, Protected areas management: new paradigms, Man - animal interface, Ecosystem goods and services and forest resource accounting, Eco – tourism, Wildlife crime control and enforcement of CITES, Green India Mission: opportunities and challenges, Mitigation/adaptation and challenges, Ecosystem resilience and forest biodiversity, Climate change models/forests and Carbon fluxes, Carbon balances: policy instruments, India and REDD+ etc.

The Congress will be attended by the officials of Ministry of Environment and Forests, Forest officers from various states, officers and scientists from ICFRE and its institutes, NGO’s, farmers, forest based Industries. The Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE) have organized the Congress.

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