Friday, November 4, 2011


1. The government approved merger of State Bank of India Commercial and International Bank Ltd (SBICI) with its parent bank  SBI. SBICI was set up in which of the following year?
a. 1991
b. 1992
c. 1993
d. 1994

2. Airlines company  of which country has recently placed largest aircraft order in history?
a. Australia
b. Germany
c. United States
d. Russia

3. Government has lowered its GDP forecast for 2011-12 to how much per cent from the earlier estimate of about 9 per cent  in view of a likely moderation in industrial output?
a. 7.9%
b. 8.2%
c. 8.6%
d. 8.9%

4. The Central Government has recently sanctioned the Scheme of Amalgamation of Maharashtra Elektrosmelt Ltd (MEL) with :
a. Jindal Steel and Power
b. Steel Authority of India  Ltd (SAIL)
c. Tata Steel
d. ArcelorMittal Dhamm  Processing Pvt Ltd

5. The Inter Ministerial Group (IMG) formed to look into fi nancial woes of fl agship carrier and gave its in-principle approval for  Rs.1,200 crore equity infusion to
a. Air India
b. Railways of India
c. Shipping Corporation  of India
d. Steel Authority of India  Limited

6. Which Indian company along with Sai Infosystem (India) Ltd. (SIS) launched the first of its kind Voice & Video Telephony (VVOIP) over Internet protocol services in India?
c. Vodafone
d. Airtel

7. Maharashtra Elektrosmelt Ltd (MEL) has been merged with which of the following given company?
d. OIL

8. Which company has recently commissioned India’s  first thermal set of 525 MW  rating at Maithon Right Bank  Thermal Power Project in  Jharkhand?
a. Bharat Electronics Limited
b. National Hydro Power   Corporation
c. Bharat Heavy Electric  Limited
d. Nuclear Power  Corporation of India  Limited

9. Two Indian cities had been ranked 2nd and 4th respectively, according to a global study of fastest developing cities conducted by 'The City Mayors Foundation', an international think tank on urban affairs. Identify the cities.
a. Surat and Ghaziabad
b. Ghaziabad and Surat
c. Mumbai and Delhi
d. Delhi and Mumbai

10. The LCV (light commercial vehicle), a joint venture between which of the two following companies has produced “Dost”?
a. Ashok Leyland of Hinduja  Group and Nissan Motor Company of Japan
b. Ashok Leyland of Hinduja  Group and Renault group  of France
c. Tata Motors Group of  India and Nissan  Motor Company of Japan
d. Mahindra & Mahindra  Group of India and  Nissan Motor Company  of Japan

11. Recently central government has sought a partnership in publicizing of Bharat Nirman Programme with which of the following organisations?
b. Indian Railways
c. India Post
d. Doordarshan

12. Religare Enterprises's investment banking arm, Religare Capital Markets has acquired majority stake in which of the following South African broking firm?
a. Noah Financial  Innovation
b. Rainbow Financial Services  (RFS)
c. Royal African Finances
d. SA Assets Managemnet

13. The Deutsche Bank has confirmed to appoint which of the following Indian investment banker as its co-CEO?
a. Navin Chandra
b. Rahul Jain
c. Anshu Jain
d. Ravi Mallick

14. Which of the following world's  fourth largest car-maker has decided to set up a three lakhcars per-annum manufacturing  plant in Sanand?
a. Ford
b. General Motors
c. Toyota Motors
d. Hyundai

 15. The Central Board of Trustees, the apex decision-making body of the Employees Provident Fund Organisation, approved appointment of  which of the following bank as the custodian of securities of the EPFO?
a. RBS
c. Standard Chartered Bank
d. ABN Amro

16. Recently a 12-month ban of synthetic cannabis products has come into effect in New Zealand. The government says the 43 artificial cannabis products can harm health, including causing heart problems. Cannabis is used since ancient times, for which of the following given medical purpose?
a. As an antibiotic drug
b. As a catalyst drug
c. As a mineral supplement
d. As a recreational drug

17. Which one of the following Indian company has entered into collaboration with the Singapore Management University (SMU) for a new R&D facility for cloud-based IT solutions for cities worldwide?
a. Tata Consultancy Services
b. Wipro Technologies
c. Infosys
d. Mahindra Satyam

18. Recently the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs gave a major fi llip to Maharatna SAIL by approving its proposal for revival of the Sindri fertilizermanufacturing unit by SAIL. The Sindri fertilizer- manufacturing unit belongs to which one of the following company?
a. Krishak Bharti Cooperative
 Limited (KRIBHCO)
b. Indian Farmers Fertilizer  Cooperative Limited  (IFFCO)
c. Tata Chemicals Limited  (TCL)
d. Fertilizer Cooperation of  India (FCIL)

19. Recently Nissan Motor India unveiled its premium mid-size sedan offering for India, by name:
a. Vista
b. Sunny
c. Verna
d. Figo

20. European airlines are pressing ahead with biofuel plans in order to cut use of regular jet fuel. Which one of the following airline of the Europe became the fi rst airline to use biofuels on regular commercial flights in a six-month trial?
a. Lufthansa
b. International
 Airlines Group
c. Air France
d. Turkish Airline

 21. Employees Provident Fund Organisation, approved appointment of which bank as the custodian of securities of the EPFO?
a. Standard Chartered Bank
b. ANZ Grindlays
c. Kotak Mahindra
d. Oriental Bank of  Commerce

22. Which country is stepping into the Indian Ocean for the first time for mineral exploration?
a. Japan
b. Canada
c. China
d. India

23. India plans its  own 90-seater  aircraft series by which of the following year?
a. 2015
b. 2016
c. 2017
d. 2020

24. Which state has the highest rural teledensity of 70.23 ?
a. Karnataka
b. Himachal Pradesh
c. Rajasthan
d. Gujarat

25. Which one of the following is  the world's most valuable company with market capitalization of $337 billion?
a. Apple
b. Exxon Mobile
c. Microsoft
d. Berkshire Hathaway Inc

26. For the fi rst time, two leading private sector groups have joined hands with state-owned undertakings to jointly bid for iron ore blocks in Afghanistan’s Hajigak mines. They are:
a. Tata and Jindal
b. Tata  and Reliance
c. Reliance and Jindal
d. Reliance and Sterlite

27. Which company has bagged the Safety and Quality award instituted by the Safety and Quality Forum of The Institution of Engineers (India), Tamil Nadu?
b. Reliance Info
c. Wipro
d. Infosys

28. Which among the following has launched a mobile messaging application for Apple's iPhone and Android devices?
a. Twitter
b. Google
c. Face book
d. None of the above
29. The Centre plans to amend the Atomic Energy Act to acquire land in and around the world’s biggest nuclear plant in the works at :
a. Jaitapur
b. Narora
c. Uduppi
d. Karnal

30. Fortis Healthcare International, holding company of India's billionaire Singh brothers,is based at:
a. Singapore
b. Mauritius
c. Germany
d. United Kingdom

31. Which country is rocked by reports that its hospitals has sold dead infants and placenta to an underground factory to manufacture nutrition pills?
a. India
b. South Korea
c. China
d. Japan

32. Which among the following countries are banning short selling on select stocks amid efforts to calm market turmoil that has sent bank shares gyrating wildly and aggravated worries about Europe's huge debts?
a. France
b. Italy
c. Both
d. None of the above
1.  d  1994
2. c  United States
3. c  8.6%
4. b  Steel Authority of India (SAIL)
5. a  Air India
6. b  BSNL
7. b  SAIL
8. c  Bharat Heavy Electric Limited
9. b  Ghaziabad and Surat
10. a  Ashok Leyland of Hinduja Group and
Nissan Motor Company of Japan
11. b  Indian Railways
12. a  Noah Financial Innovation
13. c  Anshu Jain
14. a  Ford
15. c  Standard Chartered Bank
16. d  As a recreational drug
17. a  Tata Consultancy Services
18. d  Fertilizer Cooperation of India (FCIL)
19. b  Sunny
20. a  Lufthansa
21. a  Standard Chartered Bank
22. c  China
23. c  2017
24. b  Himachal Pradesh
25. a  Apple
26. a   Tata & Jindal
27. a ONGC
28. c  Facebook
29. a  Jaitapur
30. a  Singapore
31. c  China
32. c  Both

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