Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Civils Mains Model Questions for General Studies Paper - II

Q. In the wake of India-Kazakhstan civil nuclear deal at Astana on 16 April 2011 comment on the growing energy demands of India. Compare the Success of India in Central Asian region with China.

Q. In what way the Arab crisis can affect the world geo-politics? Can it affect India? Give reasons for your answers.

Q. What is Bio-remediation technology? Explain the importance of Bio-remediation technology project to clean the polluted water bodies across India.

Q. In the context of Look East Policy of India, discuss the achievements of India in ASEAN region.

Q. Assess the importance of Africa as a source of energy for India. Suggest what more steps India should take to strengthen the relations with Africa and to counter the Chinese Influence in the region.

Q. Critically discuss the Indo-Bangladesh relations in the last 2 years. What is the importance of Indo-Bangladesh relation?

Q. A country’s Including of Chinese Currency Renminbi for international transactions through banks shows the growing influence of Chinese economy in the world markets? Support your answer with reasons?

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