Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Civils Mains Model Question Paper for General Studies Paper - I

Time Allowed: Three Hours
Maximum Marks: 300

Candidates should attempt ALL questions strictly in accordance with the instructions given under each question.

1.    Answer the following (in about 250 words for each answer):   20x2= 40

(a)    What is the meaning of ethnicity? Which way has ethnicity affected the Indian polity?
(b)    Which measures would you suggest to make RTI effective and operative?

2.    Answer any TWO of the following in about 150 words each:    12x2= 24

(a)    Who established the Arya Samaj? What were its objectives?
(b)    Trace the different phases of peasant movements in India.
(c)    Analyse the growth of Indian Civil Services till the passing of the government of India Act 1919. Discuss the various aspects of the changes introduced to it by this Act.

3.    Answer any TWO of the following in about 150 words each:    12x2= 24

(a)    Describe the main characteristics of the tropical rain forests in India. How do they contribute to the ecosystem of India?
(b)    Comment on the current genetic diversity on the basis of the demographic history of India.
(c)    Identify the ecologically sensitive areas (ESAs) along the Western Ghats, and suggest how to manage them.

4.    Answer any TWO of the following in about 150 words each:    12x2= 24
(a)    Can the President of India overrule any of the provisions of the Indian Constitution? Explain the constitutional provisions in this regard.
(b)    Centre has absolute veto over states in India. Give sufficient reasons to support this statement.
(c)    Elaborate and comment on double jeopardy.

5.    Write brief but precise notes on any SIX of the Following. Your answer should not exceed 50 words in each case.  5x6= 30
(a)    Emissions of atmospheric compounds
(b)    Aborigines
(c)    Biodiversity
(d)    La Nina
(e)    International Date Line
(f)    Natural Vegetation of India
(g)    Nomadic Tribes

6.    Answer any THREE of the following in about 150 words each:  12x3=36

(a)    Bring out the powers and responsibilities attached to the Protem speakers.
(b)    Enlist the factors responsible for the disintegration of the Mughal Empire? Do you think that the Rajput policy of the Mughal Emperors contributed in the disintegration of the Empire?
(c)    Discuss the main dance forms of India.
(d)    Why was the Janani Shishu Suraksha yojana launched? Elaborate its scope.

7.    Answer any FIVE of the following in about 150 words each:  12x5= 60

(a)    How has the post-1991 liberalisation affected the financial relations between the centre and states?
(b)    What is meant by Fiscal Policy and Monetary policy? How are they used to control inflation?
(c)    Assess the significance of natural resources in the economic development of India.
(d)    What is disaster management? Discuss the pros and cons of the existing system of disaster management and suggest measures to improve the system to tackle natural disaster better.
(e)    Is National Literacy Mission successful in India?
(f)    How do you Calculate National Income? Discuss its different methods.

8.    Answer each of the following, briefly but precisely. Each answer should be less than 50 words. 5x6= 30

(a)    You arrive first at the scene where an ATM outlet had just undergone a robbery. What emergency measures should you immediately and safely adopt?
(b)    What ways do you suggest to lower down food inflation in India?
(c)    What is Carbon footprint? How is it measured?
(d)    What are the salient features of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ)?
(e)    Bring out the controversy of the Koodankulam Nuclear Power project. What is your opinion on the controversy?
(f)    What are the challenges before the Indian economy to maintain itself as the second fastest growing economy in the world?

9.    Write brief notes on each of the following, in about 20 words each: 2x8=16

(a)    NASA’s Kepler Mission
(b)    India’s Foreign Exchange Reserves
(c)    SABLA
(d)    Independent Evaluation Office
(e)    Sterlite Project
(f)    Prithvi – II
(g)    G-24
(h)    Nationwide come and play scheme

10.    Who are the following and why have they been in the news recently? (Each answer should not exceed 20 words) 2x8= 16

(a)    Helle Thorning-Schmidt
(b)    Justice Soumitra Sen
(c)    Dominique Strauss-Kahn
(d)    Lobsang Sangay
(e)    Mrinal Pande
(f)    Rajiv Takru
(g)    Dr S S Sidhu
(h)    Pauline Nyiramasuhuko

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